TDB荧光衍生物-Fluorescent derivatives

TDB荧光衍生物-Fluorescent derivatives

Fluorescent | Dextran 荧光葡聚糖

Fluorescent derivatives


Fluorescent derivatives of dextran and other polysaccharides are primarily used for studying permeability and transport in cells and tissue. An added benefit is that fluorescence measurements can provide quantitative data on the permeability of healthy versus diseased tissues. Such studies can be performed in real time by intravital fluorescence microscopy. The technique offers high sensitivity; concentrations down to 1 μg/ml can be detected in tissue fluids.

Other application areas are studies of drug delivery and microcirculation. Fluorescent derivatives can also be used as molecular size indicators in for example research kits. Our fluorescent polysaccharides modified with carboxymethyl (CM) or diethylaminoethyl (DEAE) gives the possibility to study the effect of charge on permeability. Our lysine-derivatives provide tools for bioconjugation and fixation, which can be used for preserving cells and tissue in a-like-like sate.

Microvascular flow and glomerular filtration


Antonia Red™ Products

Antonia Red™ (583 nm/602 nm) is a novel red-shifted dye developed by TdB Labs. The dye residue exhibits high photo-and chemical stability and bright fluorescence. We produce Antonia Red- dextran and Antonia Red-lysine-dextran from 4 kDa to 150 kDa.


ATTO™ Products

TdB Labs supply polysaccharide derivatives labeled with ATTO488™ (502nm/524 nm) and ATTO647n™ (646 nm/664 nm). Characteristics features of ATTO dyes include strong absorption, high quantum yield and photo-stability.


FITC Products

FITC-derivatives have been used for a variety of biological applications for more than 40 yeras. TdB Labs produce a wide range of FITC-derivatives (490 nm/520 nm) with a mean molecular weight ranging from 4 kDa to 2000 kDa. Our portfolio includes for example derivatives of dextran, polysucrose, inulin and more.

 TRITC Products

Our TRITC-derivatives (550 nm/572 nm) includes derivatives of dextran, hyaluronic acid and polysucrose. We produce TRITC-derivatives with a molecular weight ranging from 4 kDa to 2000 kDa. TRITC is less pH-dependent compared to FITC.


Our product portfolio consist of more than 30 different product groups- 21 of them are fluorescent. We offer dextran – and other polysaccharide derivatives labelled with several different fluorophores. This include for example the well-know FITC (493 nm/518 nm) and TRITC (550 nm/572 nm), which have been used for studying permeability for more than 40 years. Our product catalogue also comprises the ATTO™-dyes ATTO488 (502 nm/524 nm) and ATTO647N (46 nm/664 nm), which are suitable for single molecule detection. We also have our propriety red-shifted Antonia Red™ (583 nm/602 nm), which shows a bright fluorescence, excellent chemical- and photostability and is non pH-dependent.

瑞典TDB 葡聚糖硫酸盐 Dextran Sulfates

瑞典TDB 葡聚糖硫酸盐 Dextran Sulfates

Dextran Sulfates

TdB Labs supply two different series of dextran sulfates with either high- or low degree of sulfate substitution. Our high substituted dextran sulfates contain 16-19% sulfate. Our low substituted dextran sulfates have a sulfur content of 8-13%. The mean molecular weight of or dextran sulfates ranges from 5 kDa to 2000 kDa.


TDB实验室生产葡聚糖硫酸盐,分子量从5 kDa到2000 kDa不等。



高硫酸盐右旋糖酐    CAS Number: 9011-18-1
我们的高硫酸葡聚糖硫酸盐的硫酸盐度在16%到19%之间。从5 kDa到2000 kDa,我们生产高硫酸葡聚糖硫酸盐。


低硫酸葡聚糖硫酸盐的硫酸盐含量在8%~13%之间。TDB实验室生产低硫酸葡聚糖硫酸盐,从5 kDa到500 kDa。




  • 细胞介质中的抗凝血剂
  • 脂蛋白选择性沉淀
  • 加速DNA杂交。
  • 从dna-组蛋白复合物中释放dna
  • 抑制tRNA与核糖体结合
  • 核糖核酸酶抑制
  • 抗病毒特性
  • 用于化妆品的抗炎和水的渗透滞留。
  • 微生物和大分子的分离
  • 疫苗佐剂
  • 膜的PERM选择性研究